Value Added Service Of Dispensing Medicines

Strive to enhance the quality of public services is the thrust of the Civil Service. Ministry of Health (MOH) has always nurture and appreciate the values and ethics of the Public Service. “Kami Sedia Membantu” is the powerful slogan of the Ministry of Health that has brought civil servants creativity and innovation towards the transformation of service delivery systems and processes. The transformation is vital to ensure that the services provided along with the sustained progress and development of technology, infrastructure, and accessibility needs of the people.

Pharmacotherapy accessibility, especially for patients with chronic diseases is a paramount importance to the MOH in order to maintain the quality of life and reduce the health care cost. Therefore, Pharmaceutical Services Division which act as the “custodians of the medication management system”, is always committed to diversifying the supply of drugs supply system to be compatible with the current facilities and meet the needs of people at an optimal level.

As to improve the Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) among the public, partial drug supply is given for a chronic diseases prescription with more than one month and the next supply is made by Pharmacy Appointment System (PhAS).

In line with this, Pharmaceutical Services Division is offering the Value Added Services (VAS) through various types of PhAS. Among PhAS offered by pharmacy department of Hospital Sultan Ismail is SPUB (SISTEM PERDISPENSAN UBAT BERSEPADU) also known as INTEGRATED DRUG DISPENSING SYSTEM.


Integrated Drug Dispensing System is a standardized and well-organized reference method for the partial supply of drugs in which patients can take medicines for their follow-up supply at any MOH health facilities according to patient choice.

Type Of Service

Follow-up medical supply using a uniform and integrated system in all MOH health facilities.

Advantages/ Benefit

Benefits derived from this system

  • Facilitates patients to get supplies of follow-up medicines at any MOH pharmacy close to their homes even in a relatively isolated place.
  • Patients will receive the same quality of service at any choosen facility via a standard reference method.


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