How to stay healthy when travel? & What is CDC TravWell
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How to stay healthy when travel? & What is CDC TravWell

Get your vaccines well in advance.

If you know you are traveling in the next 6 months, do not wait until the last month. Certain vaccines need to be started weeks before your departure. Other vaccines are a series and you will need multiple doses.

See your health care provider at least 6 weeks before your trip. Depending on where you live, you can find a local pharmacy that offers a travel vaccine program or visit your county health department.

These programs will be able to give you comprehensive and specific guidelines on what vaccines or premedication you need based on your area of travel. They can also see if you are up to date on other vaccines.

Think about your specific health needs. 

Do you tend to get motion sickness, stomach upset, or other symptoms when flying?

Have you had illness or injury while traveling previously?

Create a travel kit and include staples such as an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, antidiarrheal, antihistamine, first aid kit, sunscreen and any other medications you might need.

Keep your travel documents organized. 

Have your vaccine list, passport, and travel documents organized and available in your carry on. Certain countries need to see proof of vaccine before entering into the area.

For example, the yellow fever vaccine has special paperwork that needs to be taken on your trip before entering the country.

Click here on how to use CDC TravWell Apps:

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