Department of Paediatrics specializes in childcare, led by Dr. Susan Pee as Head of Department. Department of Pediatrics generally divided into several wards which is Ward 8C, 8D Ward, Ward NICU / SCN, Specialists Clinics and Day Care for Children. This Department also accepts referral cases from Hospital Mersing, Hospital Kota Tinggi and other surrounding clinics.

Pediatric Clinic is located on Level 2 adjacent to the Dental Clinic. 8C and 8D ward is located on level 8. Ward 8C is a special ward for special treatment of oncology cases and Nephrology and also a ward for the Paediatric High Dependency Care to Paediatric Unit. This ward also provides CAPD treatment for inpatients and also for case follow-up treatment.

Ward 8D is a multidisciplinary treatment ward for children aged from 28 days to 12 years. Both these wards have 28 beds, of which 26 beds located in 6 cubicles is for treatment for ordinary cases whilst 2 beds in 2 isolation rooms are for isolation treatment cases. This ward is also equipped with a equipments storeroom, beds storeroom, general storeroom, linen room, clean utility room, dirty utility room, patients laundry room, 2 treatment rooms, CAPD treatment room, staff restroom, doctors’ room, on-call doctors’ room, sister’s room, seminar room, parents restroom and a library.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ( NICU) dan Special Nursery (SCN ) adalah dalam satu wad di tingkat 4 bersebelahan dengan Dewan Bersalin. Bilik ibu-ibu yang menyusukan bayi  (Rooming in Mother ) juga disediakan di sini. Jumlah katil rasmi adalah 38 buah katil. Penggunaan ventilator hanya 7 buah sahaja. Pusat Rawatan Harian Pediatrik terletak di tingkat 5 bersebelahan dengan Dewan Bedah.


  1. Provide suitable, efficient, effective and safe treatment and rehabilitation for customers.
  2. All members of the paediatric department are continuously increasing their knowledge and they are also active and innovative..

Paediatric Department staffing are as follows:

  • Head of Department : 1
  • Specialist : 3
  • Medical Officers : 8 (2 Contractual Staff)
  • Matron U36 : 1 (Sharing with O&G Department)
  • Sister : 7
  • Staff Nurse U29 : 88 orang (60 borrowed from other units)
  • Community Nurse U24 : 1 orang
  • Community Nurse U19 : 39 orang
  • Attendant U3 : 17 orang


Paediatric Department is fully operational and has provided excellent quality service to all customers. In the future, the units in the Department of Pediatrics will continue to strive to provide better quality services in all aspects and also to stress on the EQ/SQ aspects to achieve excellence and glory. Finally, special thanks goes to all those who strived to provide excellent quality service to the customers especially to the dedicated staffs of the Paediatric Department.

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