Oral Surgery/Oralmaxilofacial Clinic is located on Level 2 Hospital Sultan Ismail parent building and adjacent to the Pediatric Dental Clinic. It was commissioned in January 2008 until now.


Oral Surgery Clinic members is determined to work as team to achieve:

  • Provide and maintain Quality of Service, Health Care for individuals and communities with respect for human values
  • To provide professional and competent services with the use of appropriate technology.
  • To motivate the public to appreciate health as an important asset in living a high quality life.
  • To create a perfect environment for continuous learning, career development and research development.
  • Encourage a constructive feedback mechanism for continuous service quality improvement.


Will be the centre of excellence in providing suitable health services with the usage of technology and client-friendly environment while emphasizing on quality, innovation, health promotion and respect for humanitarian values.


To improve the health status of dental services by providing prevention, rehabilitation and dental care with a focus on disadvantaged groups so that public health is at par with the country’s socio-economic advancement.


Hospital Sultan Ismail, Oral Surgery Clinic’s client charter are as follows::

  • Oral Surgery Clinic of Hospital Sultan Ismail is determined, committed and constantly strive to provide excellent service to each customer.
  • Each patient will be treated in a friendly, considerate, respectful, courteous and sincere manner.
  • Each patient will be given a date for an appointment within 1-2 weeks to see a doctor if the patient brings a referral letter from the hospitals/private/government clinics.
  • Each patient will be registered within 10 minutes.
  • Each patient will receive dental treatment within 60 minutes after registration, except in unavoidable circumstances (Emergency cases from A & E Department and hospital Wards ).
  • Each patient will be given information about the services provided and charges imposed for treatment.
  • Each patient shall be given the proper, efficient and professional service.
  • Facilities and equipment used in the treatment room is clean and has been disinfected.
  • Each patient will be given information about important aspects of treatment and prevention of dental disease.
  • All information about patients will be kept confidential and only be notified to the parties with the consent of the patient, subject to the law.



  1. Inpatient treatment.
  2. Outpatient treatment (for patient with appointment and referred by private or government dental/medical practitioner)
  3. Surgery in the main Operating theatre.
  4. Scheduled visits to other district such as Mersing and Kota Tinggi.

The department accepts referral cases from the emergency department of this hospital and district hospitals such as Kota Tinggi Hospital and Mersing Hospital. Trauma cases that can be referred are cases of maxillofacial injuries involving soft tissue injuries and bone jaw.

External referral cases includes facial abscess caused by dental infection, tumors, cysts, impacted teeth, dento-facial deformity, salivary gland disease and ‘temporo mandibular joint’ disease.



This service is for emergency cases (adult patients) which are referred to after office hours. Dental Officers at the Department of Oral Surgery and other surrounding Dental Clinics are involved in carrying out this task. These referral cases are cases referred to by the Emergency Department and Hospital Sultan Ismail’s inpatients.

Patients requiring inpatient treatments will be warded into 8B Ward.

Dental treatment under General Anaesthesia Services

Surgery under general anesthesia for oral surgery and maxillofacial cases was initiated in January 2008. Currently, surgical session under general anesthesia for elective cases are performed monthly, every second and fourth week on ThursdaysHowever, trauma cases which requires immediate surgery, it will be conducted under OT “ emergency list”

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