Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care HSIJB began operations in 2006. Divided into five main branches of service, the department is committed to the service before, during and after surgery.


  1. Pre-Anesthesia Clinic
    • This clinic operates daily (weekdays only) except for Friday from 2:00PM and 5:00PM. This department is responsible to ensure that the patient is in suitable condition before surgery.
  2. Anestesia
    • Anesthesia for elective surgery cases and emergency cases in Operation Theatre.
  3. Intensive Care Unit ( ICU )
    • Located on Level 5 next to the Theatre. Began operations in December 2006, now 10 beds is opened to cater for critical patients.
  4. Acute Pain Services
    • Acute Pain Services is given to most of the surgical cases performed at the Theatre after anesthesia. The period is given to patients between 1-3 days of Patient controlled analgesia, epidural infusion, intrathecal morphine or subcutaneous morphine are given to patients for the period of 1 – 3 days.
  5. Pain Clinic
    • Operates every Monday and Tuesday at 8 am – 5 pm. Conducted by Pain Specialist and assisted by a Staff Nurse. It is responsible in giving advise to patients.

General Anaesthetic Services has started in:-

  • Orthopaedik Surgery- 20.11.06
  • E.N.T Surgery- 20.11.06
  • O&G Surgery- 13.4.06

Unit Pembiusan mempunyai :

  • Julian Plus Machine- 16 Units ( Operation Theatre Level 5)
  • Fabius Machine – 1 Unit (Operation Theatre Level 5)
  • Fabius Machine – 1 Unit (Burn Unit Level 5)
  • Julian Plus Machine – 2 Units ( Operation Theatre Labour Room Level 4)
  • Fabius Machine – 2 Units (Di jabatan X-Ray Level 2)
  • Drager Titus MRI Machine – 1 Units (In X-Ray DepartmentLevel 2)
  • Fabius Machine – 1 Unit (Oncology Level 1)
  • Drager Titan MRI Machine – 1 Unit (Oncology Level 1)


  • Total Julian Plus Machine – 18 unit
  • Total Fabius Machine – 5 unit
  • Total Drager Titus MRI Machine – 1 unit
  • Total Drager Titan MRI Machine – 1 unit


Anaesthesia General Services hopes to help patients and provide better services. We hope more seminars related anesthesia unit will be held increase the knowledge of the staffs. We also hope more people will understand the services provided by the Anaesthesia Unit and cooperate in giving better service tot the patients.