Diagnostic imaging services is one of the more important patient care services besides the clinical and laboratory services in the patient treatment process. It not only involves in identifying diseases(diagnostic)  but also in the treatment aspect(therapeutic) as well.

The of Diagnostic Imaging Department, Hospital Sultan Ismail Johor Bahru(DID.HSIJB) provides diagnostic imaging services as well as certain mildly-invasive therapeutic procedures for inpatients , outpatients and daycare patients of this hospital. DID.HSIJB utilizes PACS(Pictures Archiving and Communications System) technology in its effort to achieve filmless concept. All radiological images and reports are integrated into the THIS(Total Hospital Information System) via RIS(Radiology Information System).

Imaging services are offered to patients of this hospital as well as patients from other government hospitals and clinics.


DID.HSIJB is located on Level 2 of the Clinical Block neighbouring the Emergency & Trauma Department on the front and the Forensic Department at the back.


We are committed to work as a team to provide diagnostic and therapeutic radiological services which are of high quality, efficient and cost-effective using appropriate sophisticated and state-of-art  technology, taking into consideration the needs, comfort and convenience of patients.


The Diagnostic Imaging Department aims to be an excellent imaging centre using innovative and efficient technology in general and PACS technology in particular, by committed, caring and compassionate staff.


We pledge to provide fast, efficient and accurate services, besides being patieny-friendly.

Stated below are estimated time to complete:

Plain x-ray examination                                          45 minutes

Mobile x-ray examination(urgent)                       60 minutes

Special radiology examination(diagnostic)         90 minutes

Interventional procedure                                         2 hours

Examinbation Report for inpatient                         2 working days

Examination Report for outpatient                      14 working days


Besides  general offices, other facilities in the department are:

  • General Radiography – 2 rooms
  • Digital Chest Radiography – 1 room
  • General Radiography with Orthopantomography – 1 room
  • Ultrasonography machines suitable for all types of examinations including duplex scans and musculoskeletal system – 4 units
  • Digital Fluoroscopy – 1 room
  • Computed Tomography(CT) – 1 room
  • 5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) – 1 room
  • Digital Mammography with Stereotactic Biopsy Facilities – 1 room
  • Angiography with DSA Capability (Digital Subtraction Angiography) – 1 room
  • Intravenous Urography(2 tubes/2tables) – 1 room
  • Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry – 1 room

All diagnostic, therapeutic and interventional procedures are performed under guidance of the related modalities. Consultations services and expert opinions provided by the Radiologists to the clinicians form an integral part of quality patient management.

In conjunction with the “ Baby-Friendly Hospital” initiative,  we allocated a room for mothers to breastfeed their babies and diaper-changing.

Imaging Facilities Outside the Main Department

  • Mobile Radiography in the Emergency & Trauma Department – 1 unit
  • Mobile Fluoroscopy in Operation Theatre – 2 units of C-Arm I.I.
  • 2 units of Static Fluoroscopy at Level 5 – 1 unit for urology discipline in the Operation Theatre Complex and the other  for Endoscopic Retrograde Choledoco-Pancreatography (ERCP) cases at the DayCare Centre
  • All wards including ICU. CCu and NICU are provided with mobile radiography and mobile fluoroscopy services
  • Mobile Radiography service is also provided to the Forensic Department

Plain Radiography

All cases, except for requests for future dates, shall be performed on the same day the request is made. Cases are done in accordance  to the principle of  ‘first come first serve basis’ at the Registration Counter. However, exceptions are made for the very ill, the elderly, children, infants and emergency cases.

Registration Counter telephone contact number : Extension 2701

Special Radiology Examinations(CT, MRI, USG, Mammography, Angiography etc)

All routine cases shall be given an appointment date.

All requests shall be vetted and approved by the Radiologists or Radiology Medical Officers. Appointment dated shall be given by the Radiographer in-charge of Scheduling. He/She can be reached by dialing extension number 2703.


  • Continuous Professional Development sessions
  • “Small Talk” sessions
  • Unit Meetings
  • Departmental Meetings
  • Cassette/Image Plates Cleaning sessions
  • Inter-Departmental Radiology Conferences
  • Image Critique sessions


DID.HSIJB shall strive to move in tandem with the rapid imaging technology development. The ever-increasing number of examinations in terms of quantity and complexity has been successfully achieved since the Department started its operations. This achievement comes about with the  increased number of modalities coupled with the capability of the existing staff.

The Department is confident that it is capable of offering better-cum-modern service in meeting the future challenges of modern medicine.

The Department strives to strengthen its training and teaching modules in the Radiology Master Programme or related professional examinations for the Medical Officers.

The Department shall strive to actively involve in innovations, research and publications at all levels.


Working Days :  Sunday – Thursday

8.00am – 1.00pm

1.00pm – 2.00pm ( Lunch Break except for emergency cases)

2.00pm – 5.00pm ( Except Thursday 2.00pm-3.30pm)

“ On-Call” service for after-office hours and on week-ends(Fri-Sat) and Public Holidays.

Should you encounter any difficulties with our service, please contact the Radiographer In-Charge of the Day at 07-3565000 Extension 2607/2608


  2. Eat easiyl-digestable food/soft diet eg. porridge. Refrain from gassy drinks and food such as meat, vegetables and fruits. You are to fast :

a).  For Adults     : Fast for 6 hours prior to time of examination

b).  For Children : Fast for 4 hours prior to time of examination

  1. Please inform the Radiographer in-charge of Appointment if you previously had undergone any x-ray/imaging examinations. Old images/x-ray films will prove helpful in assessing the new examination
  • Allergies
  • Please inform the Radiographer in-charge of Appointment if you have any allergy(seafood/allergic rhinitis) or asthma, or had adversed contrast media reactions  during your past contrast-enhanced examinations
  • If you have any form of allergy or related medical conditions, you’ll be given Prednisolone tablets to consume before the examination to prevent adversed contrast media reaction from occurring during your forthcoming contrast-enhanced examination.
  2. Do not use talcum powder/deodorant/perfume on your chest on the day of examination
  3. Wear suitable clothes eg blouse and long pants or sarong
  2. Abdominal examinations including hepato-biliary system
  • Adult : Fast for hours prior to time of examination
  • Children : Fast for 4 hours prior to time of examination
  1. Urinary System examinations
  • Drink fluids to fill-up the urinary bladder
  • Refrain from passing urine 30 minutes before examination
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