• Billing Counter is in hospital lobby
• All Registration Admission to the ward needs
the down payment (deposit)
• Patients who are admitted to the ward in lower grade, but applying moved into
Ward Class 2 / Class 1 wards, the patients will be charged higher for Treatment Charges and Charges Wad rates starting from the first day of treatment
– Clearing Fee Act 1951 / Order Fee(Medicine 1982 – Article 13)
• The operating results Unit:

DAY Time
Sunday-Thursday 8.00am-6.00pm
Friday / Saturday and 8.00am-2.00pm
Public holidays

* In addition to the time, the payment must be made at the counter of the Emergency Department, Level 2

Reference of Government Medical Officer
◾Free for first visit
◾RM5 for each follow-up case
Reference of Private Practitioners
◾RM30 for first visit
◾RM5 for each follow-up case

Room For Two RM60
Room For Three or Above RM40
2nd Class RM30
3rd Class RM3

Services First Class 2nd Class 3rd Class
Caeserean surgery RM800 RM400 RM100
Forceps Delivery RM400 RM200 RM50
Breech Birth RM400 RM200 RM50
Ordinary Maternity RM300 RM150 RM10
BTL RM300 RM150 RM20


Class Of Ward  Medical (RM) Surgery (RM) Maternity (RM)
1st Class 700 1,100 800
2nd Class 200 400 350
3rd Class 20 30 15


Class Of Ward Medical (RM) Surgery (RM) Maternity (RM)
1st Class 1,400 2,200 1,400
2nd Class 400 1,200 9000
3rd Class 200 600 450


Class of Ward Medical (RM) Surgery (RM) Maternity (RM)
1st Class (1 room/person) 50 50 50
2nd Class (1 room/ 2 person) 40 40 40
1st Class (1 room / 3 person) 30 30 30
2nd Class 15 15 15
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