Dr. Khadijah Binti Abu Bakar

Pengarah Hospital Sultan Ismail

HOSPITAL SULTAN ISMAIL. is a specialist tertiary hospital equipped with a fully computerized system known as Total Hospital Information System or THIS.

The construction of this hospital is in line with the government’s objective to make Malaysia a developed nation as outlined in Vision 2020 and the Vision of Malaysia’s Ministry of Health. To achieve the above, this hospital is designed and equipped with sophisticated and world class equipments.

This modern electronic hospital provides 15 Secondary and 2 Tertiary services in addition to other support services, with ‘day care’ services as a priority service to more than 700,000 people in the 8 district and its surrounding areas. This hospital is aslo a National Reference Center (National Referral Centre) to the ‘tertiary care’ services provided.

The hospital is developed on a 50 acres area comprising of a 6-storey clinical block and a 10-storey ward blocks and also residential quarters.

The hospital is equipped with 22 wards, 18 operating room, including five theater for ‘day care’ services, 2 operating theater in the emergency department. The hospital is equipped with 704 beds. There are 4 First Class Wards and 18 Second and Third Class Ward. In addition, a total of 88 beds were provided in the Intensive Care Unit, coronary Care Unit (CCU), Neonatal ICU (NICU), Burns Unit and High Dependency Ward specifically for intensive treatment.

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  • Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru is committed to:
    1. To provide excellent customer-oriented services.
    2. To protect rights and dignity of clients.
    3. To practise excellent work culture, effective communication, friendly, professional and team spirit.
    4. To safeguard the welfare of employees and to provide a safe and comfortable environment.
    5. To emphasize on innovative resource management efficiency.
    6. To provide training opportunities, career development and human development.
    7. To improve on quality by enforcing reasearch culture.


  • To provide quality medical services, efficient, effective and customer friendly to all patients to achieve optimal healing.


  • We promise to provide professional, safe, friendly, caring and quality.1.Priority will be given to critical and semi-critical cases in the Emergency Department and Trauma with waiting times as follows:
  • All critical cases (Red Zone) was treated with as well – instantly.
  • All case of semi-critical (Yellow Zone) treated within 15 minutes; and
  • Other cases (Green Zone) will be seen as a priority condition.2.Outpatient Clinic Services and Specialist Clinic will be provided by rotation and / or the patient’s condition. Priority will be given to children – children, pregnant women, the elderly and the disabled.
    3.Information will be given to customers regarding the disease and treatment.
    4.Privacy policies of  personal information, disease and care provided to patients is guaranteed.
    5.Clean, comfortable and safe facilities are provided.



To develop HSI’s most important asset (human resource) to the highest levels of performance at work through the development of their talent for self-transformation , and raise their hidden courage for leadership

  1. Pembelajaran Teknik Berkhatan
  2. Ibadah Solat & Bersuci Bagi Pesakit
  3. Kursus Pembelajaran & Pengurusan Jenazah
  4. Ramadhan Dan Al Quran
  5. Pembangunan Sahsiah Diri (Usrah / Kelas Tafsir / Tajwid)
  6. Tazkirah Pra Ramadhan
  7. Ziarah Mahabbah
  8. Tazkirah Selangkah Ke Gerbang Ramadhan
  9. Solat Hajat Perdana Dan Tazkirah Andai Ini Ramadhan Terakhir
  10. Tazkirah Akhlak Dan Adab Puasa Ramadhan
  11. Majlis Gotong Royong Bubur Lambuk
  12. Ceramah Hikmah Disebaklik Puasa & Kelebihan Ramadhan
  13. Sentuhan Kasih Ramadhan
  14. Khatam Quran, Tazkirah Dan Iftar
  15. Muzakarah Ramadhan “Pesta Makan Atau Madrasah Kehidupan, Majlis Berbuka Puasa Bersama Asnaf Dan Anak Yatim, Tahlil Perdana
  16. Tazkirah Puasa Tapi Tak Solat
  17. Berbuka Puasa & Solat Terawikh
  1. Pengurusan Konflik Di Tempat Kerja
  2. Kepimpinan
  3. Forum Kebahagiaan Wanita, Keluarga Dan Kerjaya
  4. Kursus Pengurusan Emosi
  5. Pengukuhan Program Mentor-Mentee
  6. Kursus Budaya Korporat Tahap 1
  7. Kursus Budaya Korporat Tahap 2
  8. Kursus Perkahwinan
  9. Kursus Pendidikan Kewangan
  10. Karnival Hospital Sultan Ismail

A. Peningkatan Kemahiran Sedia Ada

  1. Bengkel Acute Pain Service
  2. Pain As 5th Vital Sign
  3. Basic Life Support
  4. First Responder Life Support
  5. Latihan Bencana Luaran
  6. Latihan Table Top Pelan Tindakan Bencana Luaran
  7. Farmasi Kursus Pengurusan Stor
  8. Dengue Management
  9. Kursus Pengurusan Diabetes
  10. Pengurusan Acute Coronary Syndrome
  11. Pengurusan Acute Renal Failure
  12. Pengurusan Asthma
  13. Pengurusan Gout
  14. Pengurusan Hypertension
  15. Pulmonary Embolism
  16. Basic Eye Course
  17. Diabetes Retinopathy
  18. Pengenalan Prosedur Asas Orl Khusus Untuk Paramedik
  19. Sport Injury Rehabilitation Course
  20. Wound Care
  21. Chemical Pathology Lab Services
  22. Indications For Transfusion Of Fresh Frozen Plasma (Ffp) And Platelet
  23. Paediatric Neurology And Oncology Imaging
  24. Transfusion Safety
  25. Update On Mr Imaging In Sports Injury
  26. Bengkel Kesedaran Pesakit Thalasemia
  27. Neonatal Resusication Programme
  28. Kursus Pengurusan Fail & Rekod
  29. Orientasi
  30. Breakaway Technique, Control & Restraint Of Aggressive Patient
  31. Delirium
  32. Dementia
  33. Grief And Bereavement Workshop
  34. Suicidal Risk Assessment Training Workshop
  35. Bengkel Rehabilitasi Choosing The Right Equipment For People With Brain Injury”

B. Pengetahuan Baru Atau Am

  1. Basic Statistik
  2. Good Clinical Practice
  3. Introductory Course To Clinical Research
  4. Kursus Methodology Research
  5. Dkict
  6. Kursus Oracle 9i
  7. Kursus Pengenalan It
  8. Kursus Powerchart
  9. Refresher Order
  10. Kursus Pengurusan Laktasi
  11. Kursus Training On Support For Non Bf Mother And Training On Mother Friendly Care Practices & Kursus Pengukuhan
  12. Kursus Latihan Penyusuan Susu Ibu Untuk Anggota Kesihatan Bukan Klinikal
  13. Taklimat Penilaian Laporan Nilaian Prestasi (Lnpt) Bagi Tahun 2015 Untuk Pegawai Penilai Pertama (Ppp) Dan Pegawai Penilai Kedua (Ppk)
  14. Kursus Pengacaraan Majlis
  15. Kursus Pengurusan Mesyuarat, Penulisan Surat Dan Memo
  16. Kursus Tatatertib
  17. Pengurusan Kes Aduan Medicolegal
  18. Bengkel Lean Management
  19. Bengkel Audit Klinikal
  20. Kursus Kawalan Jangkitan
  21. Back To Basic
  22. Cegah Infeksi Tingkatkan Kualiti
  23. Kursus Kanta Sentuh


April 2011 – Sambutan Bulan Pemakanan Sihat

May 2012 – Seminar Kanser Serviks & Vaksinasi program HPV

Jun 2012 – Sambutan Bulan Pemakanan Sihat

April 2014 – Hari Kesihatan Wanita

Okt 2014 – Program Hidup Segar tanpa Rokok

Nov 2014 – Seminar Amalan Ergonomik di Tempat Kerja

Nov 2014 – Sambutan Bulan Pemakanan Sihat

Jun 2015 – Hari Kesihatan Warga

Okt 2015 – Amalan Ergonomik di Tempat Kerja & Utamakan Keselamatan Hidangan – Program Dari Ladang Ke Pinggan

Mei 2016 – Nutrition Month “Eat Smart, Get Fit & Feel Great”

Part 1: Steps Towards Excellent Hospital Sultan Ismail

Part 2: Transformation of Hospital Sultan Ismail to Excellent Organisation

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