1. Rehabilitation Medicine service was initiated since 19th June 2009. The rehabilitation department is located at level 3, with the specialist clinics, admission and revenue units on the left and geriatric wards 1 and 2 adjacent to it.
  1. Rehabilitation Medicine Department consists of :
  • Rehabilitation Medicine Unit
  • Physiotherapy Unit
  • Occupational Therapy Unit
  1. Provision of specialized rehabilitation medicine services are as follow:
  • Spinal Rehabilitation
  • Amputee Rehabilitation
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Paediatric Rehabilitation
  • Oncology Rehabilitation
  • Spasticity assessment and management including Botulinum Toxin injection
  • Assistive Device prescription
  • Wound Management
  1. Rehabilitation Medicine ward 9B consists of 8 beds currently to cater for patients who require active inpatient rehabilitation.
  1. Interdisciplinary discussion between rehabilitation unit staffs, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nurses would be conducted in order to formulate the optimal rehabilitation plan for all inpatients referred for rehabilitation.




MORNING (8.00 am – 1.00 pm)

EVENING (2.00 pm– 5.00 pm)

SUNDAY Wound Management/ Botulinum Toxin Injection Clinic General Rehabilitation Clinic

Amputee Rehabilitation/ Specialized Seating Clinic


Spinal Rehabilitation Clinic


Paediatric Rehabilitation Clinic/ Specialized Seating Clinic


Neurorehabilitation Clinic

WEDNESDAY Return to Work/ Paediatric Rehabilitation Combined Clinic Interdiscplinary Discussion
THURSDAY General Rehabilitation Clinic  



Physiotherapy Unit operates by receiving referrals from other disciplines in HSIJB and Specialist Clinics. Patient management includes a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the patient, documentation of the evaluation, planning of treatment programs and implementing treatment based on the method selected from the combination treatment of Manual Therapy, Therapeutics Exercise and activities or learning functionality, Thermotherapy, Mechanotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Electrotherapeutic Equipment, Biofeedback, Phototherapy, Chest Physiotherapy, learning in patients and guardians and home programs and re-evaluation and documentation on the effects of the treatment.


Physiotherapy Unit is located at level 3, is part of the Department of Rehabilitation other than Rehabilitation and Occupational Therapy Unit.


  1. To provide a comprehensive Physiotherapy treatment as well as physical, mechanical, electrical and hydrotherapy treatment
  2. As a referral centre and source of information on physiotherapy services for areas that do not have physiotherapy services
  3. To provide consultation on physiotherapy aspects to the medical staff, patients and the public
  4. Provide training for members of the physiotherapy trainees


Provision of physiotherapy services are as follow:

  1. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  2. Critical Care Physiotherapy
  3. Geriatric Physiotherapy
  4. Burns Physiotherapy
  5. Hydrotherapy
  6. Physiotherapy in Womens Health and Male Incontinence
  7. Neurological Physiotherapy
  8. Respiratory Physiotherapy
  9. Cardio-Pulmonary Physiotherapy/Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme
  10. Phototherapy
  11. Vestibular Physiotherapy
  12. Paediatric Physiotherapy
  13. Physiotherapy in Chronic Pain Management
  14. Lymphoedema Physiotherapy
  15. Sports Physiotherapy
  16. Physiotherapy in Oncology
  17. Physiotherapy in Spinal Injuries
  18. Counselling and training in the use of Lower limbs prosthetic and assistive devices
  19. Patient/Carer Education and Training
  20. Home Care Physiotherapy
  21. Physiotherapy in Community Based Rehabilitation



Occupational therapy unit intend to provide a holistic and effective therapy approach to all inpatients and outpatients that are referred for the required services. Therapy provided is meant to facilitate patient’s functioning in an attempt to improve their functional independence and quality of life.


Occupational Therapy Unit is located at level 3, is part of the Department of Rehabilitation other than Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Unit.


  1. Occupational Therapy for physical conditions such as :

–        Pediatric cases i.e. Cerebral palsy, Syndrome Down, etc.

–        Pediatric Psychiatric i.e. autistic, ADHD, Slow leaner etc.

–        Orthopedic cases i.e. hand, upper limb, spinal, amputation etc.

–        Neurological cases i.e. CVA, head injury etc.

–        Medical cases i.e. cardiac, hypertension, diabetic foot cares etc.

–        Surgical cases i.e. burn etc.

  1. Occupational Therapy for mental health conditions

–        Schizophrenia and other related disorders.

–        Bipolar and other related mood disorders.

–        Neuroses and other related mental health disorders

  1. Home Care Programme
  2. Pre-Driving Assessment
  3. Community Based Rehabilitation
  4. Patient Education Programme
  5. Work resettlement
  6. Psycho-social Programme
  7. Other services including splinting, Pressure garment, Activity Daily Living (ADL) assessment, improve joint range of motion and improve/ maintain physical and cognitive function