Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology is one of the major clinical departments in Hospital Sultan Ismail. It was established as a leading referral centre for cancer treatment for Southern Region especially in Johor.

The department was then known as the Oncology Treatment Center and has started its first service by taking Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Oncology Clinic in 2005, which previously conducted by Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

The first Oncology Clinic, Hospital Sultan Ismail, was started on 5th September 2006, accompanied by the use of Day Care Unit (Daycare) for the treatment of chemotherapy as an outpatient. Service development was followed by the opening of the oncology ward, 6D on October 9, 2006 to implement chemotherapy as inpatient treatmet.

Radiotherapy service has started on May 14, 2007 together with the opening ward 6C to accommodate patients for radiotherapy who live outside of Johor Bahru. In August 2009, brachytherapy treatment was started with the treatment of cases of Cervical Cancer (Ca. Cervix), Uterine Cancer (Ca. Uterus) and Cancer Nasofarink ( Nasopharingeal Ca.).


Oncology Clinic Monday to Friday 8.00AM to 1.00PM.
Radiotherapy Services Monday to Friday 8.00AM to 5.00PM. (Certain non working hours and public holiday cases, will be performed by an on-call team specialist as instructed by the Oncology Specialist. )
Brachytherapy Services Every Wednesday




  • Provide optimal treatment to cancer patients using treatment modalities such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, ‘targeted therapy’ and ‘palliative care’ and other necessary current modalities.
  • To become a referral and training centre for the Southern Region for oncology specialists and members of allied health professionals.
  • Sebagai pusat sumber kepada perkembangan dan perkhidmatan Onkologi bagi seluruh negeri Johor.


  • Radiotherapy services
  • 2 LINAC treatment machine
  • 1 Simulator machine
  • 1 CT-Simulator machine
  • 1 mesin membuat blok pemerisaian ‘Blok Cutting Machine’.
  • 1 Film processing machine
  • 1 “PLATO” Radiotherapy Planning System
  • Oncology Clinic
  • HIS Clinic
  • Satellite Pharmacy
  • CDR
  • Brachytherapy Services
  • HDR
  • Operating Theatre
  • C-Arm machine
  • Chemotherapy Services
  • Oncology Wards
  • 6D Ward
  • 6C Ward
  • Daycare


  1. “Mencari Sinar Harapan” Project
    • A project for addition of a new treatment machines, a CT simulator machine, upgrading treatment planning system and the upgrading of existing treatment machine.
    • This project is very important in view of the increasing number of patients and the existing machine and treatment planning system cannot cope with the increase. This resulted in delayed treatment.
    • The estimated cost is approximately 25 million. (The paper has been made and sent for RMK-10)
  2. Permai Intermediate Housing Project Oncology.
    • The project was approved by JKNJ in Permai hostel buildings. But this building needs to be maintained since it is an old building. The estimated cost for repairing/upgrading is approximately RM134,000.00.
    • This project is to cover accommodation for patients receiving radiotherapy who live outside the 30km surrounding area of Hospital Sultan Ismail.