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    Flu & People With Asthma

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    Flu, caused by influenza viruses, is an acute viral infection that is easily spread from person to person through dispersed infectious droplets and/or contact with contaminated surface. Most healthy person recover from the flu without requiring medical attention. However, in certain high risk population, flu are more likely to cause serious illness or e...

  • Kad alahan ubat


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    KAD ALAHAN UBAT Apakah itu alahan ubat Alahan ubat merupakan kesan ubat yang tidak diingini dan memudaratkan ; yang diberikan pada dos biasa untuk tujuan pencegahan penyakit, diagnosis atau rawata. Reaksi alahan kepada ubat-ubatan tidak berlaku kepada semua orang. Alahan kepada ubat boleh berlaku pada tahap yang berbeza. Alahan ringan adalah seperti r...

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    Snake Bites and Antivenom

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    Snake bites may cause death. However, victims may survive if they are treated promptly with the most appropriate antivenom. According to an article written by Dr. Vyjayanti Kasinathan, there are about 17 species of snakes in Malaysia found to be poisonous. They are cobras (common cobra, king cobra), vipers (Russell’s viper, Malayan pit viper and green...

  • spub


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    Value Added Service Of Dispensing Medicines Strive to enhance the quality of public services is the thrust of the Civil Service. Ministry of Health (MOH) has always nurture and appreciate the values and ethics of the Public Service. “Kami Sedia Membantu” is the powerful slogan of the Ministry of Health that has brought civil servants creativity and ...

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    Chemotherapy Drug That Induced Nausea & Vomiting

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    What is Chemotherapy? It functions to kill cancer cells and prevent cancer cells from spreading to other parts of body. It is given in injection form and tablet/pill form. Duration of treatment differs for cancer type. Clik here to read more: What is Chemotherapy ...

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