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  • Rabies

    Tips Kesihatan

    Sumber : Penyakit Anjing Gila (RABIES) KES PENYAKIT ANJING GILA (RABIES) DI SARAWAK FAST FACT Terdapat 3 kes jangkitan Virus Rabies Ketiga tiga kes mempunyai sejarah digigit anjing Penyakit rabies adalah sejenis penyakit yang disebabkan oleh jangkitan Lyssavirus dari haiwan seperti anjing Tidak menyentuh dawai elektrik yang ...

  • Chemotherapy Drug That Induced Nausea & Vomiting

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    What is Chemotherapy? It functions to kill cancer cells and prevent cancer cells from spreading to other parts of body. It is given in injection form and tablet/pill form. Duration of treatment differs for cancer type. Clik here to read more: What is Chemotherapy ...